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Business Philosophy and Vision

DMC is contributing to development of Korean shipbuilding industry as a leading company in development of crane localization by realizing customer satisfaction management through continuous development of technology improvement of quality and observance of the time for delivery, Especially, DMC is growing up to be a professional offshore and deck crane maker, DMC is doing its best to strengthen its competitiveness through reasonable innovation of management and accumulation of technology development, and is growing up to be the top marine crane manufacture in the world by getting customer’s confidence on the basis of moral management.


National development – Contribute to development of national economy and create an advanced enterprise by positively pioneering the overseas market.
Development of company – Grow up with customers by realizing customer satisfaction and getting customer’s confidence.
My Development – Continuous development and growth of each employee’s ability is a driving force to develop our company.


Innovation of Production, TPS introduction/Logistics information, Raise talents, Actualize education, Strengthen each employee’s ability.


Custruct total management, information system, construct DPS(DMC Production System), Secure structure of cost.


The top crane manufacturer


Grow up to be a global enterprise leading the market through innovation.

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