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CEO Greetings

Continue to develop new technology and secure high quality


Thank you for visiting our homepage.

We are Honored to introduce DMC to you.

DMC is the best manufacture specializing in marine and offshore equipment and structure modules such as cranes, deck machinery, engine casing and funnel.

Since its foundation as small and medium size crane manufacturer, we have constantly grown and succeeded in technical development of offshore cranes, deck cranes penetrating the global market projects with constant efforts of the executives and staffs. Furthermore, we have challenged new item market continuously and achieved a success to enter new market by manufacturing new items such as deck machinery, meterial handling equipments(MHE). Burner Boom, engine casing and funnel.

DMC is equipped with an integration service system(the ERP) which was developed by DMC itself and can manage the data of design, procurement, production, commissioning test, after service, This system enables us to produce and deliver high quality, on-time and products satisfying customer. In addition, DMC has acquired international standard LRQA ISO 9001, 14001, OHSAS 18001 and API 2C.

DMC will do our best to be world-leading company considering customer satisfaction as the first priority in the field of marine and offshore equipment and we can handle the global changes actively based on the experience and technology accumulated by numerous projects that DMC has accomplished successfully.

Thank you.

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