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Health / Safety / Environment

DMC is operates and complies with a systematic HSE management system.

DMC recognize that Hygiene(H), Safety(S), Environment(E) are the important elements in enterprise operation.
Also, we respect for human life through enjoyable working environments and protection of the environments and try to realize uninjury place of business with voluntarily participation.

Environmental Policy

  1. Reduce environmental load by continuing to improve environmental performance.
  2. With regard to the environmental side of the pertinent nation/region, deep laws & regulations and demands.
  3. Save resources and promote recycling in the process before production such as purchase, assembly and test.
  4. Establish a substantial environmental management system by setting up an environmental goal and carrying out a regular review.
  5. Play a leading role in conservative activities of regional environment as a member of community society.

HSE System


Empolyee Healthcare

Empolyee Health Checkup

Material safety data management

Continuous improvement of work environment

Musculoskeletal Therapy and Management

Special Health Checkup


Maintenance of OHSAS 18001 certification

Monthly safety index evaluation by process

Joint safety inspection of labor and management conducted

Conduct safety campaign to achieve zero accidents

Weekly HSE training and follow-up management

Safety accident prevention activity

Training for fire fighting against fire, prevention activities


International environmental standard ISO 14001 maintenance

Management of waste disposal law

Environmental pollution source management

Discharge facility operation

Separate collection

Maintenance of Nonpoint Source Pollution

Sewage treatment facility management

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