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Moral management

The ultimate goal of moral management is that an enterprise fulfills its responsibility as a member of society, gets confidence from all members of society including customers, stockholders, staffs & employees, community society and rival enterprises and is recognized its value.

To be recognized social value, an enterprise shall strive to offer the highest products and services to members of society.

In the process, an enterprise shall not give damages such as production of harmful products and environmental pollution to members of society. In addition, an enterprise shall not gain benefits through illegal/unfair behaviors such as offering a bribe, accounting fraud and evasion of legal obligation to pay its taxes, and achieve its goal in a fair way by keeping laws and regulations.

Such moral management is a necessary condition to strengthen its competitiveness and to maximize its value, not a simple means to prevent curruption of staffs and employees out of enterprise activities.

Charter of ethics

DMC has strived to be the top marine crane manufacturer in the world by strengthening its competitiveness through continuous development of technology and innovation of management under management principle of ‘Creation of Advanced Enterprise’ since its establishment.

Setting down ethical enterprise culture on the basis of the above, all staffs and employees of DMC will strive to be an enterprise which customers want to do business with, an enterprise which stockholders want to invest in, an enterprise which employees want to work at and an enterprise which grows up and develops with the government and society, and resolves to act as below.

  • ONE.

    We will continue to practice customer satisfaction management and do our best to offer the highest products and services.

  • TWO

    We will develop with cooperative enterprises by securing reasonable trad conditions and keep a fair trade order by pursuing competition in good faith with rivals.


    We will respect stockholders and investors’ rights and interests and offer information required in proper time by pursuing fair benefits through cooperative transparent management and realizing maximization of enterprise value through continuous innovation of management.

  • FOUR

    We will not discriminate all staffs and employees with reasons such as their education background, gender and connections and strive to make a developmental enterprise culture on the basis of mutual trust by respecting each individual’s personality and creativity.

  • FIVE

    We will keep domestic/overseas laws and regulations and social norms as a member of society and strive to develop with the government and community society.

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