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Personnel system

Positive thought to pioneer each business in person is just power of DMC.

DMC will open a way that employees can display their ability to the full by improving ability to pioneer their business in person, not contenting with treating the given work passively.

DMC will maximize each member’s ability through reasonable personnel system

  • Reasonable arrangement of department

    According to each individual’s ability and tendency.
    Maximize business ability through reasonable arrangement of department suitable to each member’s ability and tendency and positive reception of demands for transposition among departments.

  • Reasonable compensation for performance.

    Compensation/annual salary system followed by performance.
    Each member’s performance induces each individual’s motive through reasonable compensation, witch will be a foundation to improve and display each individual’s ability.

  • STEP3. Education

    Education for improvement in ability followed by job/position off.
    Offer an opportunity to improve each member’s ability by carrying out proper education for improvement in job ability such as education for improvement in job ability, education for improvement in manage ability and education for new employees.

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