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Welfare System

DMC is consentrating its efforts on effering convenience to each staff and employee be carrying out diverse welfare systems.

DMC is striving to lead high business performance by minimizing staffs and employees inconvenience in business and raising their satisfaction for the company, and is continuing to develop and introduce diverse welfare programs to offer better benefits to staffs and employees.

Operate employee recreation facilities

Secure resort memberships to let employees use if need.

Conduct regular health checkups

Checking the health status of employees and preventing and early detection of diseases

Medical expenses

Medical expenses for all employees

Employees acquired degrees (academic, doctoral, and doctoral)

We think. The individual’s competence is the company’s vision. Active support for personal development

Commuter operation

Energy conservation measures by convenience and environment preservation for commuter vehicle is operated in the nearby area

Company rewards.

Happy day and sad day, the company rewards.

Various awards

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